Interfiber offers a reliable internet access through fiber optic that relies on a complete ecosystem of connectivity to provide the best possible connection to suit the era of connectivity we are all living in.

Interfiber Internet access is efficient, fast and secure. Its high availability, redundant, dedicated bandwidth service is designed to meet the most demanding connectivity requirement.

Interfiber quality service is adapted to every needs for Internet access, IP transit and connectivity from Europe to Africa via submarine cables with the lowest latency possible.


Interfiber has a multi-homed connection to Tier 1 Global IP transit providers and Internet Exchanges in Europe with its own Autonomous System (RIPE NCC AS205996) that ensure a high speed, secure and very reliable Internet connection to provide various services options and to offer several bandwidths plans up to several 10Gbps. Internet access service is available with different types of redundancy and security management service.